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Advances in science & technology bring convenience to life. Elevators in the place of stairs, cars in the place of walking, people take sports less and less.  

High income but less exercise becomes the state of modern people. More and more people are in a sub-health state.

A study published by the World Health Organization  estimated that more than a quarter of adults (about 1.4 billion people) in the world lack exercise, especially adults in high-income countries. People who lack physical exercise are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

It's urgent for us to help you to like sports so you can get wellness. Likesporting provides you all sports equipment for you to do sports at home and in office. There are many sports equipment such as treadmills,walking machines, exercise bikes, spinning, power plate, elliptical, weight bench and so on, and they can take you a healthy way of your life as well as work.

In the early morning, if you don’t want to do any strenuous exercise, just step on the walking machine, see the sunrise from the east, and feel the flow of morning time, adjust yourself to breath fresh air, and then start a wonderful day of work and life. 

At the same time, likesporting can also take some change to your healthy way of working.

It’s harmful for you to sitting at the desk for a long time in office which has worsened the aging speed of the cervical & lumbar spine, and you can enjoy stepping on the walking machine, walking slowly while working, making small changes and reducing the pressure of the joints.

Likesporting also can bring you the sense of ritual of high-quality life. Time and weather are no longer the reason to hinder sports. You can exercise at home at any time in any weather without leaving your house. Whether you are watching a drama or talking on the phone, you can make full use of the fragmented time and make exercise without excuses.

Likesporting aims to take you the joy of sports and convenience of stylish fitness. Likesporting will continually refine and enhance our products and offerings so you will get the best workout possible and reach your health and fitness goals.

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