Why You Need a Fat Tire Ebike
08.30.2021 | Likesporting fitness, sports equipment online mall | Smarter Life

Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular in the US, as people start to become more aware of the benefits to personal health, the environment, and your ability to get outdoors in the fresh air. With so many options available though, it's hard to know which type of ebike is right for you. Every time when you are driving in sand, mud or snow, you may sigh at your bike. Why are city bikes purchased at high prices so fragile?

Today we'll take a closer look at fat tire ebikes, and explore why these ebikes might just be exactly what you're looking for.


What is a fat tire ebike?

It's just an ebike with tires that are over 4 inches in width. They are generally heavier than conventional bikes and other ebikes, but they provide certain benefits thanks to their thicker tires. Fat tires are capable of handling many different surfaces, so a fat tire ebike is going to serve you well for whatever your biking needs might be.


Fat tire ebike advantages


1. Versatility

The main advantage of a fat tire ebike is its versatility. Fatter tires mean more surface area for connecting with whatever surface you are riding on.


From roads, mountain trails, sand, and grass, an ebike with fat tires is capable of handling them all. This is perfect for ebike mountain riders for example, who may need to bike on a variety of surfaces depending on the trail they are on. This is also true of any ebike rider though, from commuter to Sunday morning rider, you can never be 100% sure what surfaces you'll face on your chosen route, so a fat tire ebike prepares you for all of them.


2. New Terrain

One of the obvious perks of a fat bike is the ability to cycle through new terrain and unique conditions.

Before fat bikes, certain conditions, like snow and sand, were off-limits for cyclists. Winter often meant the end of mountain biking season because it wasn't feasible to pedal through the snow. With a fat bike, winter is simply an extension of the season and can be the time of year to look forward to because new areas become accessible. Trails that are groomed for Nordic skiers are often open to fat bikes. Entire networks of new trails open in the winter, from trails that are groomed for Nordic skiers to new approaches to your favorite singletrack. Adventurous cyclists have taken fat bikes on glaciers, both snow-covered and bare. You can pedal across the beach. There's even a new series of fat bike races and events popping up across the country as the sport gains popularity.


3. Comfort

You won't get as comfortable a ride with any other ebike as you will with one with fat tires. This is because the usual dips in the road or stones on a trail are barely felt when riding an ebike with fat tires. You simply glide right over the usually uncomfortable terrain and continue on your way without really feeling a thing. This is great for those people who want to explore off the beaten track, without risking an uncomfortable ride.


4. Weather No Longer Effects Your Rides

Now, to any keen cyclist, this must sound like a dream come true. And it is! Fat tire ebikes do not suffer any problems riding in all weathers - from snow to rain and back to sun again, a fat tire ebike is capable of handling them all. This is largely due to their increased friction against the surface you are riding on, because of the increased surface area on the tire. This means that you don't need to worry about becoming unstable on your bike in even the harshest weather conditions, so you'll never have to cancel a planned ride ever again.


5. They Are A Great Form Of Exercise

Because the fat tire ebike is traditionally heavier than other regular bikes and other types of ebikes, there is some more effort involved in getting them from place to place. For those of you who are looking to increase the effort of your cardio workouts, a fat tire ebike will certainly help you there.

If exercising wasn't at the top of your particular list, don't let the extra weight put you off. They are generally only around 4 lbs heavier than other bikes, so really you won't notice too much of a difference, and the other benefits far outweigh the slight increase in weight. For exercise enthusiasts though, the slight increase in weight will mean that you are working your thigh and calf muscles harder than with any other type of bike.


6. Low Tire Maintenance

You could be fooled into thinking that fatter tires mean more maintenance, but actually, this isn't the case. They are capable of performing at a range of tire pressures, and they are generally pretty robust. Yes, you will need to keep an eye on tire pressure to make sure it suits the trail you are planning to take, but other than that tire maintenance is generally required much less compared to other bikes. The fatter tires tend to hold on to tire pressure for a lot longer too, so long as you aren't taking rocky bumpy trails continuously.


Hopefully, the above advantages give you some idea about why a fat tire ebike might be perfect for you. They are certainly one of the most versatile options on the market today!