What is the best posture for running?
07.20.2021 | Likesporting fitness, sports equipment online mall | FAQ

Look forward, relax your shoulders, keep your torso straight, and keep the central axis of your body stable, and avoid shaking side-to-side or up and down too much. At the same time, make half fists with both hands, bend elbows about 90 degrees, and swing back and forth while running naturally. The step should be brisk, the stride should be small but not large, and the knee joint should be slightly bent when the foot is on the ground to cushion the impact of the landing. In order to overcome the inability to catch the breath when running, breathe carefully: abdominal breathing, deep, long, thin, and slow, two steps one exhale, two steps one inhale, puff your belly when you inhale, and vomit when you exhale Exhausted.