Is running suitable for everyone?
07.20.2021 | Likesporting fitness, sports equipment online mall | FAQ

Not only fitness running, any exercise must take into account one's own situation and do according to one's ability. Under normal circumstances, people with the following diseases are not suitable for running. 1. People who have had angina pectoris in the past three months; 2. People who have chest pain symptoms when doing light movements; 3. People who have congenital heart disease; 4. People who have severe arrhythmia and cardiac hypertrophy; 5. Severe hypertensive patients whose blood pressure is still above 180/110 mmHg after drug compression; 6. Patients within 3 months of recovery from surgery; 7. Lower limb joints (hip, knee, ankle) injuries; 8. Body size Obese persons; 9. Patients with acute kidney disease or severe diabetes.