How to maintain the walking machine?
07.20.2021 | Likesporting fitness, sports equipment online mall | FAQ

( 1 ) Use a soft cotton cloth to clean it regularly and do not use acid cleaners.

( 2 ) Regularly check whether there is any foreign matter between the running belt and the running board, and remove it immediately.

( 3 ) Spread a dedicated exercise mat under the treadmill. It can eliminate noise during running, protect the floor, and effectively prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the motor box or between the running belt and the running board.

( 4 ) Regularly check the tightness of the running belt and whether there is deviation.

( 5 ) Regularly check the emergency braking function of the treadmill to ensure safety and effectiveness.

( 6 ) Apply silicone oil between the running belt and the running board regularly; to ensure the running belt runs smoothly. It is recommended to lubricate once per five months with using less than three hours a week, once every two months with using 4-7 hours per week, and lubricate once per month with using more than 7 hours a week.